vibrant handcrafted ceramic jewelry & home goods 
lightweight statement pieces and hypoallergenic earrings
​​My mother was right. Again. She told me to "just" make my own beads.

Once I uncovered my ears - literally - at her insistence that I create jewelry pieces myself rather than shop at a bead store, my defiance turned to enthusiasm. I started by fiddling around with a block of clay. Before I knew it, I was shopping for a kiln.

With such malleable and diverse materials as clay, glaze, and glass (usually reincarnated from a delicious bottle of wine or a beach find), the possibilities are infinite. From the moment my fingers sink into the clay to each and every kiln opening, I am excited and motivated by the indulgence of design.

corico is my delight and it pleases me so much to know it is enjoyed by others - check out the testimonials below and send me yours!


  1. I get compliments every time I wear one of Claire's art pieces - they are stunningly beautiful, striking, unique and mesmerizing.
    Emma Lewis
  2. Adding corico jewelry to our gallery was an easy decision. Claire's eye for color and design is superb. Every year her products are met with rave reviews.
    Wendy McMillan Smith
    Owner - Cameron's, Chapel Hill, NC
  3. Without fail, someone compliments me when I'm wearing corico jewelry. The combination of colors, craftsmanship, and design is truly unique and beautiful.
    Anna B
  4. Corico jewelry is one-of-a-kind, museum quality sculptures with colors so deep and intense. I always get compliments when I wear corico!
    Dianne Betkowski
  5. The intense nuances makes corico stand out in a dramatic yet casual way. Claire's pieces will add a richness to your wardrobe. Even a topic of conversation.
    Ilse Eriksson
    Owner - mel en stel
  6. I get a million compliments wearing corico jewelry. It is the perfect intersection of cool and feminine - casual and elegant at the same time.
    Janet Elbetri
As mentioned before, I sometimes use recycled glass in my jewelry. Most notably, there is this delicious Reisling wine that comes in a beautiful teal bottle. Watch this video to see how I "harvest" the glass...