handmade red celadon ceramic cable necklace with magnetic clasp
handmade ceramic pendant cable necklace with magnetic clasp black and teal
handmade ceramic pendant cable necklace with magnetic clasp teal celadon green
handmade ceramic pendant cable necklace with magnetic clasp caribbean aqua blue

Unique One-of-a-Kind Round Ceramic Pendant Necklace on Black Cable with Strong, Easy-to-Use Magnetic Clasp Colorful Red & Celadon Crackle

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The simplicity of this pendant, delicately displayed on a simple cable wire, perfectly highlights the rich, colorful glazes of this necklace. Lightweight and so comfortable to wear, the pendant measures 1.5" in diameter and the comfortable cable wire is a standard 18” long with a sturdy, yet easy-to-use magnetic closure.

corico designs are all original and definite conversation starters! Be prepared to make friends - and dazzle the ones you already have! Gift corico for all special occasions and create new ones. Perfect for bridesmaid gifts, birthdays, mother’s day, anniversaries - the made-up ones are even better than the expected ones;) a finalized divorce (often worth celebrating), a new job, or just quitting the old one!

Decide to celebrate - and then find the occasion :)

Comes in Teal Crackle, Coral Crackle (which is red with a crackle of celadon in the middle), Celadon Crackle (with a striking black rim), and what I have coined "Caribbean Blue" which is a coppery edge with striking turquoise blue crackled glass in the center.

Want another color? Let me know!

I can create just about anything you like! Personalized, custom orders are always welcome. Just message me . . . clairealba@rocketmail.com is the fastest way to find me :)