It began in 2009 at a bead shop, with my hands covering my ears, as my mother leaned in and whispered that I ought to 'just' make my own ceramic beads. Creating anything with clay is a multi-step process that takes several days and requires equipment I didn't have. But her suggestion sparked something in me and not only did I find myself fiddling with a block of clay, but soon thereafter shopping for something I had never considered - a kiln. I got a small one that I could move around the one bedroom apartment I shared with my two small children at the time, Coco and Cori. To keep them and the kiln safe from one another I would run it from the bathtub overnight. corico, if you haven't guessed by now, is the combination of their names. That's what new moms do - and I think it has a ring to it - so it stuck.

It was during a party with friends - putting out that little dish with the lone, ugly olive pit to show folks where the garbage goes - that I decided to create a piece of serve ware that would provide not only a beautiful presentation for delicious olives, but also a discrete way to get rid of the pits. The design has been streamlined over the years and available for sale online and in select online retailers since the end of 2020. People are overwhelmingly enchanted with the simplicity of this design and the real entertaining conundrum it solves. Their next thought is generally - "this would be great for cherries too"! I couldn't agree more and The Cherry Bowl is scheduled for release in the Spring of 2022. Pre-orders are being accepted now.

I've been creating jewelry consistently since that chat with my mom in 2009, and had the pleasure, too, of working as a potter, hand-building plate ware for restaurants around the world. Fun fact: we made bowls for Momofuku in NYC and Grace Seo - now wife of the owner David Chang - joined us to help with glazing! 

All of the items you see on this website are pieces I wanted, and thus created, for myself. It is simply my pleasure to share them with you :)