vibrant handcrafted ceramic jewelry & home goods 
lightweight statement pieces and hypoallergenic earrings

All corico earrings are made with titanium ear wires. Titanium is hypoallergenic (used for things like hip replacements) so anyone with metal allergies or very sensitive skin can wear them.​

Ranging from dainty in size to big, bold statement earrings, even the largest corico pieces are incredibly lightweight
and extraordinarily
comfortable to wear.

corico necklaces come with either a handmade chain - which I usually make out of annealed steel because it is strong and I love the look of it - or a cable wire with magnetic clasp. The clasp is super easy to fasten and take off and stays put while attached. Cables are available in black, white, and silver.

All corico necklaces can be made with the chain or cable.

Custom orders are always welcome!
corico rings are all adjustable. There are some staple pieces I make all the time and new designs are regularly added to the mix when I find especially unique ring bases. The bases themselves are usually made of bronze, sometimes plated with antique silver -
which keeps the prices low. 

Some of the rings are quite little, some are dramatic cocktail pieces. No matter which ring(s) you choose, you will find yourself glancing at your own hand
over and over
(and over) again
 and so will everyone else...

These rings are eye-catching conversation starters!
home goods
While at a dinner party with friends one night, we were wondering why there isn't a dish that hides olive pits. We've all put out that little bowl that quickly fills with
half-nibbled-on, ugly remnants. But why? There ought to be something else - so I came up with the "olive boat & pit port" - a simple, functional design that beautifully presents the olives, while cleverly stashing the pits. 

This is a two-piece ensemble; the port itself is bottomless, so when it's time to clean up, simply lift the port and sweep the pits off the plate. It holds a surprising number of pits, so you can mingle for a long time before you have to tend to it.

As with all corico pieces, these can be made in a wide variety of colors and sizes. So if, for example, you want a larger size for a party platter, just let me know! 

Restauranteurs ... I used to handbuild pottery for restaurants, so I can make these pieces durable enough to withstand heavy use (stoneware clay that is fired to a higer temperature and glazed with products specific to that process).

I also make wine bottle stoppers and coasters...

Let the entertaining begin!!