"The party essential you always knew you needed"

- Edible Brooklyn

The Cherry Bowl - for Pistachios!

  • "This is just pure genius!"

    - Josh Miller, Senior Food Editor at Pioneer Woman

  • "I have never loved our olive set up, but I never hated it as much as I do now after seeing these. "

    - Chef Cindhu

  • "It's so simple but well designed - so you don't have to look at anyone's olive pits! Great value. It was well packaged and arrived quickly"

    - Verified Amazon Purchase

  • "I love to put this in the center of my charcuterie board so that the disgusting chewed olive pits are hidden"

    - Verified Amazon Purchase

  • "I gave this as a gift and when others saw it, they went online to order one for themselves! It’s a great way to serve olives to your guests"

    - Verified Amazon Purchase

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