About corico

 corico began as a ceramic jewelry company in 2009 and is still in operation. I hand-craft statement earrings, rings, and necklaces which are sold wholesale to gift shops around the globe, as well as directly to my lovely customers.

One evening, during a dinner party with friends, as I put out a plate of olives and the corresponding pit dish (with my chewed up olive pit as the solitary example), I wondered why there wasn't a serving dish that would also hide the pits. Since I had a kiln for my jewelry business, I took it upon myself to create The perfect Olive Boat. And I did - a curved plate with a corresponding little vase, if you will, set to the side with a hole in the top for the pits. Well, it wasn't perfect. Not yet.

Jump ahead a few years ... I had created the olive boat I intended to and that was that. I kind of forgot about it. And then I began working as a potter, hand-building plate ware for restaurants (including the ever-famous Momofuku in NYC). It was then that I decided to revisit my olive boat creation and make it better. The Olive Boat now is a two-piece ensemble that fits together while still being separate for easy clean-up. The size is almost magical in that it works well for both small and large gatherings. Think about it - we do seem to put out the same amount of olives no matter who is coming over, don't we? Is it just me?

This iteration is what we have today and is sold on several online platforms. It has an elegant, simple design with crisp white glaze to match any decor or place setting. I've been delighted to see The Olive Boat received so well - and - I noticed that one of the first things people say when looking it over, is how well it would work for cherries. Indeed! So now, in the Spring of 2022, we are coming out with the corico Cherry Bowl! It has the same clever functionality as The Olive Boat with a larger bowl for cherries and compartment for more pits. 

As always, both The Olive Boat and The Cherry Bowl are all dishwasher safe. 

That's the story! Enjoy, share, make good food, and have friends over :)

 - Claire