Claire Alba - The Creative Mind Behind corico

corico began as my ceramic jewelry company (named after my two daughters, Coco and Cori). It is still in production today and can be found on Etsy. I also worked for many years as a potter in NYC, hand-building plate ware for restaurants all over the globe, including Manhattan's famed Momofuku. One night, I was at a dinner party with friends and as we were putting out a plate of olives and the corresponding pit dish, I wondered why we didn't have a beautiful serving dish that would also hide the pits. Since I had a kiln for my jewelry business and the skill from making plate ware for restaurants, I decided to create my imagined olive boat. "How have we not had this?" is one of the first things people say when they see it. Next, how great it would be for cherries. I couldn't agree more; and so we have it - The Cherry Bowl.

I'm absolutely delighted to be sharing my creations! Enjoy, make good food, and have friends over :)

— Claire