About corico

Corico began as a ceramic jewelry company in 2009 and is still in operation. I hand-craft earrings, rings, and necklaces, which are sold wholesale to gift shops around the world, as well as directly to my customers via Etsy.

The idea for The Olive Boat came to me during a dinner party with friends. As I put out a plate of olives and the corresponding pit dish, I wondered why there wasn't a serving dish that would also hide the pits. Since I had a kiln for my jewelry business, I took it upon myself to create The perfect Olive Boat. And I did — a plate for the olives with a corresponding little vessel for the pits. Well, it wasn't perfect. Not yet. But I had done what I set out to do and shelved it (quite literally) for a few years.

In addition to making ceramic jewelry, I had begun working as a potter, hand-building plate ware for restaurants (proudly including Momofuku in NYC). Surrounded by and making plates and serving dishes, I decided to revisit my olive boat design and make it better. The Olive Boat became a two-piece ensemble that fits together during use, and separates for easy clean-up. The size is magical in that it works well for both small and large gatherings. Thinking about it, we do seem to put out the same amount of olives no matter the number of people coming over, don't we? Is it just me?

The Olive Boat has been received so well by consumers, and one of the first things people say is how great it would be for cherries. Indeed, and enter The Cherry Bowl! It has the same clever functionality as The Olive Boat with a larger bowl for cherries and compartment for more pits.

Both The Olive Boat and The Cherry Bowl are dishwasher safe and also work well for pistachios, dates, shrimp cocktail, strawberries, and Shishito peppers!

That's the story! Enjoy, share, make good food, and have friends over :)

— Claire